Weeds In My Garden

A Signature Series from The Crossing

We’ve all either wrestled with at least one form of mental illness or know someone who is presently wrestling. Over the 12 weeks of the series, uncover the tools we have to combat stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, and more. Discover the hope and help that awaits.

This platform includes information for the sermons, some strategies The Crossing employed to make the most of the messages, as well as some of the fruit that was produced from this series. The series is all about being honest about mental health. We hope that this overview and the content will be helpful as your church moves forward with this sermon series.

Weeds In My Garden

Wins From The Sermon Series

  • $People were proud to be part of a church that was tackling this issue. This is an overlooked Fly Wheel. There is something special that happens when people go beyond loving their church to being proud of it. There is nothing like it. Frame it this way in your vision casts.
  • $People were thankful. The Crossing received the most encouraging emails we have ever received in the history of our church from people sharing their stories and expressing their gratitude.
  • $The church grew by 10% in July on week one of the series. In other words, we jumped 10% just by starting the series. We jumped another 10% throughout the series. Our church grew by 20%! We were blown away! In the beginning, we were worried about how this series, and its length, would be received. God used it in a great way!
  • $We had 176 baptisms through the series. No special baptism weekends, just pointing people to the hope and help we have in Jesus.

Tips and Tricks

Get your mind around the series and make the most of it

Give your church a solid heads-up about where you’re going

It will create energy, excitement, and buy-in; a little bit goes a long way! Here are two previews we did in the two weeks leading up to the series, as well as a promo video that was posted on social media. Watch all three videos, it will take less than four minutes.

Watch sermon 1 and sermon 12

These two sermons help the rest of the series make sense.

Use the BUCKET ANALOGY over and over again

It removes stigma, helps people gain perspective, and gives them a tangible way to express their burdens.

As the sermons were written, we had them vetted by a team of Christian counselors and trauma specialists

They helped frame things appropriately. There are all sorts of minefields with mental health. The verbiage used was purposeful. It can feel like a tightrope, but it is worth the walk.

The first four weeks are really a long intro that gives you the space and permission to talk about the rest of the series

We borrowed a lot of this content from Jim Putman at Real Life Church in Post Falls, ID. In weeks 10 and 11 we brought in a professional counselor and had him give our whole church their first hour of preventative maintenance. He said things that we could not get away with, due to his expertise – things like going for a walk, watching your diet, and exercising, and how these things play such a huge role in our mental well-being. We would encourage you to find someone in your church or in your contact list that would do this for you. We asked him for five things to give people hope and five things to give people help. It was well received. If you can’t get someone, you could easily do it.

Create a resource page

Our resource page included training videos. We also posted these on social media. We have scripts that you can edit for your purpose or they can be re-recorded and made generic.

The beauty of this series is it is for those who need hope and those who want to help

This tagline creates perpetual buy-in. Everyone who listens to you is either struggling or loves someone who is struggling. Mental illness challenges are in their home, in the car ride to church, and sitting in their row. We used a survey of our own people before we did the series and used the results in the sermons. This is gold!

Have a Hope Weekend

We had a very strategic response time. Check out the pictures and an Amazon link to the things we used, and a quick video to walk through how we did the response element. It was powerful. We also sold shirts and used the profits to pay for counseling for people who call into the church. We have a strategic partner who will print and ship the shirts directly to your people so you have no overhead expense. We can help set this up for you. We had staff wearing them on Hope Weekend and it was a big hit.

Make a Spotify Playlist

This was great for engagement throughout the series. The songs are a great way for our people to stay connected as well as recenter.

Overview of the Series

Additional Resources

Media Files

Special Element Videos

Additional Testimony Videos

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